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16S rRNA Identification

Genome Identification

Shotgun Microbiome

Clinical Metagenomics Feel free to navigate through them in tandem with our app to discover what is in your samples.

16S Identification

Enables batch upload for multiple sample analysis, species-level identification via 16S, query sequence analysis, display of top taxonomic matches, visualization of phylogenetic trees, and illustration of sequence alignments.

Genome Identification

Identifies microbial genomes, assesses average nucleotide identity, analyzes sequencing metrics, detects viral genomes, characterizes strains, identifies antibiotic resistance, pathogenicity markers, virulence factors, and displays top genomic similarities.

Shotgun Microbiome

Assesses data integrity, analyzes microbial populations and diversity, identifies biomarkers, detects abundance variations, evaluates microbial correlations, explores sample characteristics, investigates microbial profiles, and classifies microbial communities.

Clinical Metagenomics

Analyzes sequencing metrics, detects bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens, identifies antibiotic resistance genes, virulence factor genes, and assesses putative pathogenic agents associated with infections.

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