Organize Metadata

Export Metadata

Now in our Parkinson’s Disease Gut Microbiome – Subset Study that we created earlier, select the Export Metadata button. This will create an Excel file of the samples we uploaded to this study.

We want to align and combine the exported, basic metadata of the profiled samples with comprehensive metadata for greater analysis. In this example, we will integrate the matching metadata from SRA. Alternatively, if you are using your own data, then you can input any information you require for each sample. Be careful to follow along with these metadata guidelines (link).

Even if you upload as an Excel file, EzBioCloud will automatically convert it into a .csv or .tsv

Sort by Sample Name

Sort by 'sample_name' so we can easily match the metadata from the SRA.

Open SRA Metadata

Open the SRA Metadata file and select all the relevant metadata you want to add to the profiled study, basic metadata.

Sort SRA Metadata

Sort by 'Run' to match with 'sample_name' in the study metadata Excel sheet.

Copy and paste the sorted SRA metadata cells into the sorted EzBioCloud spreadsheet.

The 'sample_name' cells should align with the 'Run' cells. E.g. SRR19064316_N with SRR19064316

Save Cocatenated Sheet

Save the resulting spreadsheet as a combined metadata file for upload to our study.

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