Welcome to EzBioCloud's Tool Suite. Several bioinformatics tools are provided as a web service or standalone software to support your specific needs.

ANI Calculator

Average Nucleotide Identity (ANI) is an online calculator used to compare two prokaryotic genome sequences.

Pairwise Nucleotide Sequence Alignment For Taxonomy

Pairwise aligner performs online alignment of given pair of DNA sequences.

UBCG (Phylogenomic tree inference using bacterial core genes)

One of the most popular bioinformatic pipelines for genome-based phylogenetic inference of Bacteria. Phylogenomic trees can be obtained from the genome assemblies. >360 times cited

UBCG2 (Up-to-date Bacterial Core Genes 2)

UBCG is a pipeline tool to infer a highly resolved phylogenetic tree using core gene set, pre-defined with the up-to-date high quality genome database.

UACG (Phylogenomic tree inference using archaeal core genes)

Phylogenomic trees can be inferred using UACG for archaeal species. Try phylogenomic analysis with UACG.

UFCG (Universal Fungal Core Genes)

Analyze your fungal sequences with Universal Fungal Core Genes (UFCG). UFCG provides the database and pipeline for a fully automated phylogenetic analysis with a novel set of fungal core genes.

EzAAI (Average amino acid sequence identity tool)

Average amino acid sequence identity (AAI) is an objective way of accessing taxonomic structure of genus or higher taxa. EzAAI provides rapid and accurate pipeline from the genome assemblies to the final dendrogram.

OrthoANI-usearch tool

OrthoANI-usearch (OrthoANIu) is a standalone software used to calculate OrthoANI using USEARCH. For large genomes, it is >100 X faster than BLAST-based ANI algorithms.


Orthologous Average Nucleotide Identity Tool (OAT) is a standalone software used to perform OrthoANI algorithm and BLAST calculations to measure the overall similarity between two genomes sequences.


ContEst16S is a web service that enables the detection of potential contaminants in your bacterial or archaeal draft genome assemblies.


EzEditor2 is a new and improved iteration of the original EzEditor software.

EzBioCloud's Label Replacer

This tool can be used to replace zZ-formated labels with the desired formats in Newick or other text files.

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