Create Datasets

Now that we have profiled samples as part of a study and associated metadata, we want to create a dataset for analyses. To create a dataset, we attach the metadata to the matching profiles.

Create Dataset

Select 'Create a New Dataset' and fill in the basic information parameters.

Select Profiles for a Dataset

There are multiple ways to select profiles for a dataset. We will use the default upload type method. Either, click or drag and drop the concatenated .xlsx file from the metadata steps into the upload area.

Datasets can be made up of any profiled samples in your account i.e. any sample with a profile_id. These can be profiles from an entire study, a combination of studies, or individually selected profiles. The choice is up to you.

Double-check the sample name matches the run name, ensuring the metadata is correctly assigned to the right samples.

Select 'Upload'

Upload the selected profiles to the dataset.

Explore Dataset

Clicking on the dataset will show you any analyses we have run on it and the metadata associated with each sample/run.

Fields like Run, age_at_collection, etc. have all been added from the SRA. It’s good to confirm these are ready for the next step, analysis.

Now let’s analyze this dataset!

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