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Metadata Retrieval Options

After obtaining the sequencing data, the next step is to retrieve the associated metadata. This information is crucial for appropriately labeling and organizing of datasets, enabling a more in-depth analysis. Again, there are several options to attain this crucial information:

Data SourceMetadata Accessibility and Details


Metadata typically available on the study page, including experimental conditions, sample information, and study objectives.


Metadata accessible with data or in study’s description. User-friendly interface aids in metadata retrieval for analysis refinement and accurate conclusions.

Cloud Delivery

Metadata found alongside data packages or in supplementary materials. Detailed documentation or links to metadata repositories may be provided.

Linux CLI

Metadata often accessed alongside the accession list during data retrieval.

Once you have acquired the metadata, ensure its proper association with the corresponding sequencing data during the upload process. Accurate metadata integration significantly enhances the interpretability and reliability of subsequent analyses and findings.

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