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In this tutorial, we create a study that contains a subset of samples from a larger, public, Parkinson’s disease study on the SRA.

The study is an empty container, so we download the subset of samples from the SRA and upload them to EzBioCloud, into the study we have just created. EzBioCloud profiles the microbiomes of each sample. We now have a study with profiled microbiome samples from PD and non-PD patients, but we don’t know which is which. Therefore, we upload metadata from the SRA to the study for each profiled sample. From this study of profiled and described patient samples, we create a dataset for analysis. Using the dataset with its metadata on patient information, we run a series of analyses to test the quality, beta diversity, and differential abundances between patients with Parkinson’s disease and control patients.

There are two paths to this tutorial depending on whether you want to use your own data or public data:

Private dataset

If you have your own shotgun microbiome samples you want to test, you can skip to the ‘Navigate Menus‘ section.

Public dataset

If you want to follow along the tutorial with a selected public dataset, please start here.

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