Some of the questions we intend to answer in this section are shown below.


Can NCBI’s taxonomic labels on bacterial genome sequences be trusted?

How is our database curated?

How regularly do we update our database?

What are reads and how are they processed?

How are contigs formed and binned?

What sort of quality control do the samples go through?

What is the difference between depth of coverage and breadth of coverage?

Why does the app yield different similarity values in comparison with BLAST or other services?

What are pangenomes and their significance?

Why does taxonomic resolution matter?

What is ANI?

What is the difference between ANI and OrthoANI?

Quality Control

Quality control standards for 16S rRNA and Genome sequences

What are chimeras and their significance?

Are the outputs different for each sequencer?


What is a species?

How are microbial species defined?

How are species named?

How are names controlled?

What are the ways a name can be validated?

Who controls all these processes?

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