focus : isolates | process : identification | level : genome/16S

Some of the questions we intend to answer in this section are shown below.

16S rRNA

What is the 16S rRNA gene and its significance?

How can the 16S rRNA gene be used to identify bacterial species?

Can full-length 16S rRNA sequencing guarantee species-level identification?

Do you require the entire length of the 16S rRNA sequence for identification?

Which database do we use for 16S rRNA?

What is 16S rRNA phylotyping?


What is a genome and its significance?

How are incomplete and fragmented genomes used to identify microbial species?

What is MLST and its significance?

What are the differences between 16S rRNA-ID and Genome-ID results?

What are sub-species and how are they defined?

How are phylogenomic trees formed?

Which database do we use for genomes?

How are sequences processed for high-quality genomes?

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